Comment: OK. I'll say it. You write a

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OK. I'll say it. You write a

OK. I'll say it. You write a "very lopsided" post. What are you the media? A Democrat? It's written exactly the same as what local Democrats did against Fair Tax supporters in their campaigns. You like their TV commercials cunningly ignore the fact that it eliminates (reduces to zero) the income tax and corporate tax. It includes social security tax, and all other taxes. How about dividends, interest, death tax? Add them all up and what do you have? Another benefit is it also puts the power of revenue collection in the hands of people based on when and how much they want to spend, and takes that power out of the hands of Washington. That's great and it's no wonder why Washington doesn't want the people to have such power over their purse strings. This is doing something about our tax code. It's on paper and has been analyzed. It's way better than what we have, would probably save our country from the path its on to the toilet with an economic boom and is therefore probably absolutely necessary. It reduces compliance costs with tax laws. It eliminates the need for the government to track your income as well. I'd like to see all taxes gone, yes, but if we are going to balance the budget to current revenue levels with 1.2 T cuts with removal of some major programs the in-balance part still needs revenue close to current revenue levels so people currently dependent on welfare who still need our help will not be suddenly cut off.