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We don't need legislation for nutmeg labeled as salt - but that's because the public is fully aware that these two products are substantially different. You could take the case to the courts and win pretty easily by arguing fraud.

But with the GMO issue you won't win in court because the government considers GMO foods to be substantially equivalent in order to bypass more rigorous safety studies - at the same time the corps are claiming it is substantially different and obtaining patents from the government. Gotta go one way or the other- can't have your cake and eat it too.

Either it's substantially different and then you could go to court and fight the labeling battle and win - or it's substantially the same and you don't get a patent and everyone in the world can save and sell GMO seeds year after year without repurchasing from Monsanto.

And as far as i'm aware there are no laws on the books prohibiting GMO foods from cross pollinating with other farmers crops in an area (the pollution and property rights factor)- that too is a losing battle. It's amazing though as local farmers are getting sued by Monsanto for having GMO crops on their land that they don't want there because of cross pollination from GMO farms in the area.

When it really comes down to it it is the government that is fraudulent here - they're allowing this to continue because the bio-food industry lines their pocketbooks - so once again government is the problem.