Comment: My point is to be open to new things.

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My point is to be open to new things.

Even new science. What they have told us is "scientific fact" for our entire life has been mere theory, theory that keeps failing to accurately describe observations.
Remember when the Mars Rover was about to die, after 90 days on Mars - AS SCHEDULED. NASA only expected 90 days. Then about day 88, the solar panel got cleaned off. I was riveted to that landing, I remember for the first time in my life thinking "Damn! Maybe there are Martians!" It was just so unexpected and inexplicable. That has happened over and over and that Rover has run for 9 YEARS now. NASA is "baffled" - claims the wind must blow it clean. The Electric Universe model has a perfect explanation for why they get clean, and also prove that the wind can NOT be doing it. So I repeat, be open to new things. Keep you eyes and mind open, and you may be taken on a most excellent adventure. Or, you may get dry eyes and bored, but hey, life's a gamble!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.