Comment: This is an interesting subject

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This is an interesting subject

how to fund government in a way that doesn't interfere with Liberty?

you have the user pays kind of stuff like gas taxes for roads. that makes some sense. although your gas for the lawnmower or generator is not related to the use of the road, so it isn't perfect

should government really be the provider of other things like fire departments and schools? They weren't in the past, no reason we have to today. So private contracts with these institutions would not need a tax to pay for them, just an agreed monthly fee (if you want these services)

Courts are nomally paid by court fees for trials and such.

How about police departments? They have mostly been government functions. Some private ones exist. Again a possible contractual arrangement. But what do you do if you don't contract? Self defense? This is a tough one for me. Unlike a fire department which doesn't normally deal with criminals, the police/sherriff are charged with apprehending people who are accused of a crime regardless of the victim. So how to pay for something like this?

That's pretty much it for essential government functions beyond paying the elected officials and the other parasites.

If not through a property tax which relates to the community these functions are limited and is voted on by that community, how else would be an appropriate means to fund government?

I really don't like the idea of using property values as a measuring stick for taxes. I would prefer using the size/area of the property to be more fair.