Comment: Universal consensus is unnecessary

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Universal consensus is unnecessary

I think there is only really 1 thing that everyone here agrees on.
Dr Ron Paul is the most honest politician this country has seen in over 100 years, and everything he was running on is either "right" or it is so much better than what everyone else was selling, it was worth getting behind.

The problem with liberals (and I mean that in the classic sense like adam smith and john locke, not the big government loving progressiveness sense) is that with freedom of thought comes independent ideas.

While there is significant overlap within the liberty movement from one person to the next, everyone will have different emphasis and priorities.

While on any one issue you can easily get most if not all of the people here to agree, every issue you add to the mix, as being "absolutely required" will whittle your numbers down until you cant reach a consensus on anything.

Dr Paul, while trying to audit the Fed joined forces with Barney Frank of all people. The two men have almost nothing in common. But... that wasn't a problem for Dr Paul. Because they did agree on that one issue ... it was time to crack open the Fed and get a peek inside.

In the end, its not about finding a core set of specific things that a person "must" believe in order to be a true "libertarian". We should be happy to work with anyone who shares ANY common belief rather than do witch hunts looking for places that we disagree with one another.

And we should foster an attitude of open, non-coercive discussion so that new people who come here because they dislike one thing can become acquainted with other things that they don't realize go hand in hand with the one issue they already agree on.

The principles that underpin liberty are attractive to almost all Americans. Its the details that divide us. I believe that with enough open discussion, we all get closer and closer to actually preferring liberty to tyranny. But we cant expect people to have already abandoned all other political views BEFORE they can feel at home here and learn what it means to be free.