Comment: This is how they will take everyone's guns away.

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This is how they will take everyone's guns away.

It you are ever "evaluated" there is already numerous mental illnesses you can be diagnosed with.

There is no "normal".

No one is normal and apart from Christ's pardon everyone is guilty of some crime and already damned to hell.

The constitution does not prescribe a presidential pardon to carry a gun. There is no litmus test in the constitution to validate one's right to keep and bare arms.

Yet eventually it will be argued that even a pardon can not make one sane. And because no one is sane no one has the right.

Just ask the government if veterans are qualified to own firearms after leaving the service. If they have ever been evaluated by an army or VA doctor for PTSD or other mental reviews they are probably already labeled and documented to be ineligible to own or possess a firearm once the enemy stops shooting at them and they retire/leave military service.

Yet the army will put a gun right back into their hands and send them back to the frontline to finish their commitment before later denying them their rights as free men at home in the states..