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Please quote some "Psychiatric Science"...

... if you are so sure it exists.

I can quote you several psychiatrists who admit freely that there is no science behind it and that there disorders arrive in the DMV by consensus. A bit of a bummer, when you consider that millions upon millions are being prescribed anti-depressants that list "depression" as a side effect.

Your illogical cheerleading for them would tend to send me researching anyone that you criticized as I am sure many who might read your words will do when they compare it to their first-hand knowledge of self or associates who have been messed up by their drugs or lobotomies and such.

My first experience of such a disaster was hearing a mother testify how her 9 year old daughter's heart seized up fatally from ever-increasing doses of an ADD med when she appeared "resistant" to their numbing effects.

After encountering hundreds of psychiatric druggies while working with nutrition my opinion is that it does nothing more than numb the senses and emotions.