Comment: While you were debating philosophy, I got Crohns Disease

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While you were debating philosophy, I got Crohns Disease

Diagnosed about a year ago. Horrible, nasty disease they (Big Medical / Pharma) are too incompetent and corrupt to treat let alone cure.

The latest objective, unbiased scientific research into genetically modified DNA is - that the foreign DNA ingested into the body from these products are not recognized by the immune system as part of the biosphere.

ie. GMO DNA is treated by the human immune sytsem like an alien invader. The immune system does not know what to do with it.

The 'alien DNA' then infects the existing bacteria populations in the gut - genetically modifying the colonies so now the gut is infected by self perpetuating colonies of 'alien' organisms.

Hence the mad statistical upward curve in new cases of Crohns Colitis since 1995. The year the first commercial GMO crops were approved for market.

Here is your takeaway point for today:

Misrepresenting a product or service in the free market - by either commission OR (important) omission - with intent to deceive, is fraud.


Selling an ear of corn as edible corn - when it is scientifically, genetically, and practically NOT edible corn - because it is poison - is fraud

Think this through.

Those of you that claim government has no role in mandating fairplay in the marketplace, so that companies are free to label or not label a product or service however they see fit ... because of some armchair notion of 'freedom' in the free market ..

.. are basically saying its OK for mass food producers to put anything in the box they want to, with no accountability.

And buyer beware. This is 'free market'.


One of the primary and legitimate functions of government - is to set clear rules of fairplay in contracts and commerce. And to give a mechanism for accountability when a product or service has been mis-represented.

In this case - the food supply of the planet.

The free market cannot function without fair representation of a product or service and accountability for fraud.


Requiring producers and sellers in the marketplace to clearly label the products and services before sale is a legitimate role for government

You can sit back and arm chair debate why its OK for Monsanto, Dow and etc to own our government and poison the food supply ... while I get to sit here and deal with fking Crohns Colitis and how to get rid of it.

You're better off in that deal. Trust me.