Comment: Ideals vs Actual Context

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Ideals vs Actual Context

Changing the government and laws to eliminate or counter-act existing atrocities is a current necessity.

An ideal land of liberty is a goal, not what we currently live in.

Ideally we exercise our liberties and don't prevent others (and companies) from doing their business.

In actuality, Monsanto made at least one franken-plant that is harder to kill than weeds, leeks into neighboring farms (against farmer will and control), and (with government enforced laws) imposes actions against the contaminated neighboring farms.
Mother-nature itself is being changed through cross pollination as well, which is quite an imposition on other peoples plants.

Just to get a bit hyperbolic: Imagine if your neighbor's hobby is to create and release neural toxins at the edge of your property, next to your home. I doubt anyone would support that kind of liberty.

The U.S.A. was conceived with laws to protect individual liberty, not to slowly kill each other with our liberties.