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Comment: "the ONLY concept of contradiction"--not really

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"the ONLY concept of contradiction"--not really

You've shown me that the idea of Biblical contradiction is one you can not stomach to the point that you think Biblical contradiction is a singular thing. It isn't. There are many contradictions within the new testament, let alone the many, many, many contradictions between the old and the new. I could bring them up but I know you'd have apologist reckoning ready for me--the idea of contradiction is precluded by your apparent belief that the entire Bible is inspired by god. You see multiple contradictions as one because you will deny this possibility no matter what.

"Why can't you get that?

none of them said there were only 2"

An account DID say there were two. It's asinine to expect it to say there were ONLY two. Who tells a story in such a way?

"Judy, Jake and I went to the movies. There were three of us."
"ONLY Judy, Jake and I went to the movies. There were NO MORE THAN three of us."

You'd seriously expect any storyteller to be this explicit? Please.

Your "harmonization"--I'm tee-heeing at that title--is a work your own. Your interpretation of the Bible is your own. Got news for you, buddy--claiming "account X decided not to mention others present in the room", as you are doing, is absolutely, undeniably inserting new information into an existing work. By combining these accounts you're creating assumptions regarding who chose to include or neglect what detail. You shouldn't condescend to me about logic if you can't even grasp this.

This is the problem with orthodox religion--everyone has their own exalted-self, and doubt towards that self-made god is taken as an insult towards the self as well. On top of that, the notion of certain authors adding elements that were not present in the original story is one entirely foreign to you.

Well, have fun with that. This discussion seems fruitless. You'll believe in your contrived, self-convenient cobbled-together account until you die.