Comment: Interesting numbers as the USDA number I see are very different

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Interesting numbers as the USDA number I see are very different

for a household of one is $200; for a household of two it's $367; for a household of three it's $526. The award amount increases by $150 to $160 as the number of people in the household increases.

If this is true then one must ask why he only took 29.00 to shop with? Most that receive the food stamp benefit have children, an additional 1 or two people can result in getting up to 526.00 per month, and no single male will ever qualify for food stamps. This was a ploy to make it look as if people who get benefits can barely scrape by, when the reality is very different. In most cases people have plenty to spend, and when i was a youth cutting meat at a inner city grocer most people on food stamps would buy all they needed and then buy several expensive cuts of meat, they would let these meats sit on their kitchen counter until they turned nice and grey/green and return them for cash to spend on their cigarettes and beer. Just so you know i am not making it up they would all tell what they did to game the system, and were mighty proud of it. The local high school home economics class (which was full of minority children) were taught how to shop on food stamps and explained in detail how much more money they could get for each additional illegitimate child they produced, I watched this for years and there is zero exaggeration there. I would dare guess this still goes on today.

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