Comment: Fishy, you ever see a high voltage lifter?

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Fishy, you ever see a high voltage lifter?

Fishy I appreciate your enthusiasm about these Rodin coils. While I remain unconvinced there is any novel physics going on, I do realize that electromagnetism is interesting and fun.

A while back I built a high voltage lifter (a few actually). What is a high voltage lifter? Do a you tube search on it and I'm sure you'll have interest.

After I built one and posted my results online (, number 159), I was contacted by a producer in Hollywood who wanted me to do a demonstration for a new TV pilot he was shooting. I drove there and they took this footage:

People investigating lifters have found they produce more lift (thrust) than what can be accounted for by standard air ionization. Even enough lift to lift a payload! I can't say for certain if this is true, however I have seen experiments showing lifters successfully exhibiting thrust in a vacuum, which would rule out ionization.

Happy experimenting and if you want any other information on lifters just let me know.

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