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To each his own, though money

To each his own, though money is one of the best inventions of the human mind. As Aynn Rand once wrote something like: When goods and money are not crossing boarders, troops and guns will.

Money is nothing more than a symbol or an extension of your labor. A medium of exchange when someone doesn't need your radishes. No man can be completely self reliant and the barter system only takes one so far. When money is sound and can be trusted, it protects the value of your labor, allowing you to trade, hour for hour, the product of your labor for the product of another's.

Ive been lazy about learning about bitcoin, but I am seriously considering giving it a look for the simple reason that it cannot be debased (supposedly).

Its never a bad idea to diversify into differant things. Ive got plenty of gold and silver, lots of guns and amo. I can grow my own food... just the same... in case there ISNT a complete meltdown that takes us back to the dark ages, I like to think that the free market will kill the central banking empire by making it obsolete. Bitcoin may be one more nail in the bankster's coffin.