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Comment: I think that is one of those "factoids" repeated over and over,

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I think that is one of those "factoids" repeated over and over,

but turns out to not be true.
First, there is the Maguire Declaration. All but two of the tapes were not oriented in a direction to capture the event, per the FBI report.
Second, I've read the tapes are available at I haven't verified yet, but will advise when I do.
As an added thought, if you were running the Pentagon, would you want to release data which would compromise your security information? I can't really blame the Pentagon for not wanting to.
Bottom line, this may be the best we have, and it does show an object close in shape and color to an AA 757, as well as it shows a smoke trail from the lamp pole damaged engine forming a vortex consistent with a low traveling airfoil. Combined with the plethora of other evidence and thousands of people involved who would otherwise have to commit a felony, there is no doubt AA77 hit the Pentagon. None.

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