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Bingo Bango!

People need to really think outside the box when it comes to Bitcoins. Shift the paradigm just a little bit. I hated bitcoins at first but after researching it and understanding it I've come to Realize that technology and some smart programmers have created a far superior currency than Gold or Silver and way infinitely far more superior than Dollars. Now, Bitcoins I only treat as a currency but not as money, money is Gold and Silver, but Bitcoins can represent Gold and Silver if people agree to it just as dollars can represent gold and silver if it is backed by it. What is awesome about bitcoins is there is no central authority, it can't be manipulated and is always at every transaction being audited. So, What currency do you prefer? Dollars that are constantly being printed, devalued, and manipulated or Bitcoins which are as sound and honest a currency can ever be?