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Comment: Thousands of parts were found.

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Thousands of parts were found.

Based on the impact damage above the main entry hole, the tail section did impact there, and likely was already breaking from the fuselage. There are big holes where the engines went in. The wings were tilted to port, with clear wing damage undercutting on the left and right sides, and further damage higher on the right, indicating the starboard wing was breaking apart after impacting the generator. Bodies were found still strapped in their seats. All recovered bodies and body parts were recorded as to location. Personal affects were found, Bodies were DNA identified (all but one infant). This is all accounted for and documented by hundreds of workers and witnesses. All damage to the Pentagon is consistent with a fast moving large aircraft with a lot of fuel in it's wings.
The evidence goes on and on. I don't know what you need to show it was AA77 which hit the Pentagon. The only way you can deny it is to say all the evidence is cooked up. Now you are getting into the thousands of personnel who committed felonies. Report after report, radar tracks, ATC recordings, NORAD recordings, other communications, were all counterfeited. Ain't gonna happen. Thousands of agency personnel are capable of many things politically, but they are not going to risk their careers and commit a federal felony.

Undo what Wilson did