Comment: Don't mend the problem, FIX IT!!!!

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Don't mend the problem, FIX IT!!!!

Everyone here that is in favor of government labeling, you have to realize that you are using the cause of the problem, government, to try and solve the problem. Government created a system that allows companies like Monsanto to create a product that does infringe on other people's rights (cross pollination, etc), yet when it goes to the court system, Monsanto wins the case. The system is flawed and expecting the government to fix the problem will only ligitamize what has been done and create more problems.


Would you even trust the non-GMO labeling considering that it is being regulated and enforced by our government, the same government that allowed the situation to become what it is, the same government in which the court systems were biased in favor of Monsanto?

Think about that. Think about how useful the nutritional labels are...serving size: 2 pringle chips, what happened to when you pop you can't stop?