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head, meet nail

Every two years I get more entrenched in politics. I am personally still stuck in the dichotomy of active participation or complete abandon.

I've been downvoted, upvoted, and I think someone called me an idiot, but I'd rather discuss these things and agree to disagree at times and in day to day life I go thru worse in 24 hours than the time I've been registered here (long lurker, short time poster.)

I really think you hit the nail on the head.

On a side note at first I didn't really care for the downvoting/upvoting thing and I rarely use the function, but Michael made a post somewhere about it and pretty much instantly it didn't bug me any more.

This is what happened to my boss recently, discussing politics (he's a republican, liked Ron Paul but ended up voting for Romney as Dr. Paul couldn't win-and Rubio and Romney's speech converted him. he did enjoy Dr. Paul's Sunday speech before the convention though. He told me he didn't really like Romney but the convention made him like him a little. I didn't really get into what happened with him there.)


Inspection from a city worker. Went great until he brought up how Obama is helping to destroy America and how regulatory agencies are making it so hard to run a business now they are choking growth and killing the American Dream. He said this to a city inspector.

Lets just say things didn't go well. Up until that point it went well.

Say something here people don't agree with and agree to disagree and maybe get downvoted. Do that in public to an Obama supporter who holds the keys to a permit to do business; big trouble. Might cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or be unable to open a business at all.

I had to remind my boss (he's 69) do NOT EVER discuss, sex, drugs, religion, or politics with any government employee. He's been in business for himself for about 45 years. And still needs a reminder. We have to literally keep him away from people from the city or county and state, as well as any other authoritarian parties who would enjoy to destroy his business.

He's a great guy but his own worst enemy at the same time. And for once (I had to feel him out for a few years) I have the most incredible boss ever. But his big mouth cost him a few hundred grand of lost profits. And reinforced his beliefs about govt agencies.

You'd get treated much better here.

See the forest for the trees. Look at the bigger picture.

Or like others have said take a break and come back a little later when you aren't so unhappy. You wouldn't have made the post if you were lurking. Lurk or detach for a while. People will forget you even made this post. We can't afford to lose any liberty lovers.