Comment: He should be more upset with

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He should be more upset with

He should be more upset with US Customs for giving him incorrect advice about bringing that gun into Mexico. I've read elsewhere about this case where the family lawyer states shotguns with barrels shorter than 25 inches are illegal in Mexico and Hammar's gun was 24 inches.

Should it be ok for Hammar to violate Mexican federal law simply because he's an American? Or because he's a Marine?

What specifically entitles this guy or anyone else to violate Mexican law and expect that it be tolerated? Especially after the "fast and furious" fiasco.

We expect foreigners to obey US law when they enter the US, so it's fair that other nations expect the same from us.

I feel bad for the guy that he ended up in a Mexican prison, but he really should have been more thorough in making sure it was legal before bringing that gun into Mexico. Hammar probably would have been arrested in certain jurisdictions within the US for having that gun. There are States where you must have a license even just for shotguns, Marine or not. Also States with minimum barrel lengths as well. What if he was caught with a shotgun under the minimum barrel length here?

Around 10 years ago an acquaintance was facing 5 years in prison because he had some sort of banana clip in his car when he was pulled over driving. Not in Mexico but in the United States. And not for a gun but for a magazine clip being in his possession. He also was a veteran. He got extremely lucky. Turned out he had just moved into the State a few weeks prior. The State where he moved from it was legal to possess. They didn't have to, but he got lucky & they gave him a break.

Yes, just like the US, Mexico also has some laws as well & they enforce them from time to time.