Comment: I've hit a plateau.

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I've hit a plateau.

Before election I was able to draw in a certain number of democrats. It was difficult and no way could I bring up social issues. What worked was discussing obama's broken promises and promoting Ron Paul's solid positions on freedom, foreign invasions, tsa and things of that nature. They gravitated to his honesty and no-nonsense style. A few went further on their own and now understand and agree with sound money.

Now that election is over average people are done with politics until next election, they are complaicant and don't care. Average voting repubs are the same way.

One thing is for certain, no democrat that I've talk to will even consider Rand. Republicans like Rand, but for some reason the talk is christy in this area, probably because of tv and the recent storm :-(

I've been propping Justin Amash at guns shows, meetings, etc with warm response. I can't approach democrats yet until they become interested in discussing politics again, I hope to have a sheet made out less the social issues like I did with Ron.

So, if you have any suggestions, please share, I could use some. Meantime I am working local/state and just talking to the folks who are currently/always active in politics.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul