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Something Concrete

Money at this point is based on nothing but shared believe that it represents ownership. Ending the Fed wont make it actually mean something substantial.

When pirates strike, business just pays them off to avoid money losing hassles, until piracy gets out of hand.

The US is finding more and more creative excuses to claim others owe the US money, some is total piracy like violating US laws claiming laundering money for Cuba, and some like fines for the same with Iran some other countries have a shared belief with the US on the matter. Some day real soon if the US keeps escalating the excuses for others to owe Uncle Sam money, since there are no actual stacks of $20s lying around, the same funds will be allegedly in a Dutch Bank and in the hands of the US Treasury at the same and the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro would become an unknown.

Ending embargo’s and arbitrator US fines is far more urgent then ending the Fed

In Philly PA RichardKanePA