Comment: Uh...she wearing blinders?

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Uh...she wearing blinders?

Very few long metal investors are looking at "fiscal cliff" as a major input. I would think very few long metal investors are seriously watching the MSM period. They are watching the fed once again gobble up treasuries and the inflationary inputs of the Fed keeping near zero interest rates. They are watching LIBOR making an open mockery of the financial markets and computer trading making same of Wall St. They are watching HSBC get off the hook for money laundering along with all other forms of naked fraudsters.

Meanwhile there's just not much joy when you parse down employment, credit expansion at the consumer level indicates a very plain student debt bubble (student debt now exceeds credit card debt) and that curve is holding up the consumer credit market-ha ha. Housing numbers seem suspicious and we're trying to see how we can back out foreign buyers--and that's a global flight to safe haven...

In short, I don't see metals being anything but a continued safe haven.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.