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King County organizer responds

The fee was voluntary.

The GOP opted to enforce the fee impartially. I believe some were responding to an email that cited the fee as a poll tax. There was an interesting flurry of emails flying back and forth between camps and if you want to get exercised why not complain to Kirby Wilbur about the abuse of his position, his authority, and the resources as WA State Repubican Party while he serves as Chairman.

Every Paul supporter could have had financial aid from the Grassroots if they wanted, there were many ready to contribute and some including myself who did and several prepatory efforts were communally funded.

There was a lot of advanced planning. Several meetings and strategy sessions were held. Plenty of people in the Liberty Community helped out.

Many Liberty PCOs have moved to another LD, or officially joined the L party. Yes if all of the PCOs had turned out the outcome would have been different.

There intentionally was not a slate, none was needed as the Establishment published theirs and we voted against it.

If you live in King County and are disappointed then where were you? Contact me and explain yourself. You made no effort to get involved with the dozens of Liberty PCOs who earnestly worked extremely hard to make the day a success. If the PCOs did not show you will have to ask them why, but I do not accept your criticism.

We took several opportunities to give them hell in speeches, and many of the Party faithful's ears perked up as they could see the injustices before them. We scared the hell out of them I assure you, and they are completely aware that we are a force to be reckonned with. We nearly won both State Committee positions. They are terrified of us.