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Well said!

I agree with you.

If you want a limited gov't you must have limited voting -- the only way to get that is too make sure that "no votes" effect any market, no market what-so-ever (including self-defense).

The only role for gov't (in my world view) is either to "simulate a free-market" or to ONLY focus on protecting our waters, escorting our ships and cruise liners, protecting our borders and ports.

During a transitional "limited gov't" we might need roads and bridges to fall under "some" gov't control. Also we'd need a GAO to pay off foreign debt and collect a minimal sales-tax to pay for the Naval and Army-Air-Guard Meritocracies.

In such a limited gov't, with no control over the market place, people would be willing to have an "expert" voting panel that operates in an open-source environment and said meritocracies can only have one-term in office.