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Thought Provoking...

Years before "The Freudian" movement (bowel movement; just passing throught- Ha) issues of anger, violence and insanity were handled by the "Church" (pastors, priests, etc) as "SIN".

We don't want to address sin because it is too simplistic. We want to make our problems complex. We want to anal-yse everything. Label everything as a disease, thus avoiding the real causes of "SIN". If you call sin a disease, you need to resort to drug therapy, shock treatment and all sorts of bizzare remedies which never work.

If you came from an abusive family environment, became so angered and enraged by prolonged misreatment and committed the act of murder. The act of murder was a direct result of that sin nature that crept into you and compelled you to go out and murder.

The root cause of sin is always great anger and resentment. We must treat the sinner. Make that person understand that "JUDGEMNT" is a sin. Judgement is the direct result of the rage and anger experinced as a result of being mistreated.

There is a old saying, you become what you hate. When hate gets inside of you (bad spirit) it goes to work on you, causing you to do things you normally wouldn't do. Right?

Watch your angers from a distsance. When you see them rise up inside you, just be objestive by watching itwithout rracting to it. Never let that anger get inside you or you're finished.

Jesus showed us how to handle injustice, didn't he? He said of those that had him crucified, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do".

Even if your hanging from a cross, you can take the avenue of forgivness. In that way, sin doesn't enter into you..

We need to be properly educated on how to cope with our little resentments, which generally lead to bigger ones.

Until we come to understand that psychiatry and all its false remedies will never solve our problems, we will only make them worse in our society.

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