Comment: A "religionist" CANNOT imagine a free-society

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A "religionist" CANNOT imagine a free-society

I say this because I've looked at all human history (which has always been religious-based, mythos-based, or superstitious-based) and that we've NEVER had a free-society.

Our "right-brain" has not evolved far enough out of the fear-based bogey man mode yet to conceive a consumer-sovereignty (as Mises defined) INTO reality.

I'm talking what has existed and what we have today -- since we've never had a free-society and the world has ALWAYS been 95% religious-animist-superstitious there you go.

The OTHER REASON is that a religious person is an absolution-seeker; they are an absolutist -- they believe without "rules" man will kill one another Mad-Max style; but there has never been a rule-free society post Industrial-Age.

Post Industrial-Age no longer requires "brute-force" and we can specialize now without coercion or caste system.

People simply have to allow their children to fail -- they have to allow their friends to fail -- and they have to be okay with failure themselves.