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There used to be a grocer in my neighborhood

Who operated such a business. I went there every payday to get all my fruits, veggies, bread, and milk. The few things that were GMO were labeled as such but I only saw a few items.

(EDIT: The liberty movement in infancy? Give me a break. Sorry bout that but the liberty movement has been around for centuries. What a load of GMO bologna)

It was incredibly cheap too. Cheaper than even big box stores. She sourced all her goods from non gmo organic farmers, evidently at a good price.

One week she was open. The next week I walked in and it was a "we buy gold" store who sure, I like gold too, but these guys are predatory and don't pay squat, and crime rose in the neighborhood with people yanking off necklaces.

She didn't even say she was going out of business. Her store was full and she had her beaming smile. But the whole store was converted within less than a week. They probably offered a ton more rent. Now I don't go near there. It's a shady business doing deals with shady people who came across gold in a shady way and they pay about 30 cents on the dollar.

It's a shame. I'm still really bummed. I felt really good back then too and my son loved his non GMO organic fruits and veggies. Now he eats a gargantuan GMO non organic carrot and asks what happened to carrots? They taste like crap now. I wouldn't say they taste like crap but they don't taste like nothing other than crunchy. Oh, that's not a taste. Yeah, probably carrot "product".

One major problem I have with this GMO stuff is it tastes bad and a lot of it is fruits and veggies which taste bad too. Which we absolutely need to survive. They don't taste good so people don't eat them. Then even if GMO's were not bad for you, the lack of nutrition is.

It seems like a great way to have a eugenics or early age death program although I doubt that's what it is, I think it's all about profit.

But it's truly heartbreaking when you lose an honest small business (single business) grocer who just charges enough to live from and wants good health for her neighbors; and it's replaced by what is essentially a pawn shop. It's immoral and disgusting.

The problem with enforcement is to figure out who makes who by manufacturer from the grocery store, and contacting the manufacturer to find out if they use GMO or not (or if they are honest), for everything you put in your mouth. For the average person living in an urban environment, that's impossible.

That's why I like Minarchism, and support a very limited government. The people who are forced to grow GMO Monsanto products I feel very sorry for.

We don't have corner butchers and grocers here in the Silicon Valley any more.