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thats not true. An Athiest

thats not true. An Athiest does not believe in gods, but makes no pretense at saying what is out there. He/she may have theories, even ones he favors as "more likley," however if you ask an athiest where we all come from, the most typical answer would probably be:

"I don't know, but im hopeful that if humans can quit selling out their reason for easy answers, we may find out one day."

That is not a "belief." Its an assertion of observation given one's current level of information which also happens to be an objective fact. The person does NOT know what's out there. This thinking requires no faith. Not claiming to have an answer is not the same as simply believing something because you want to or because some people have convinced you its true without proof.

Lets be real, if Christians truly believed... why would they have to constantly remind themselves that they believe in and love God. You hear it all the time from Christians: "I KNOW there's a God." Oh really, well how come you keep saying that then? Is it maybe because you don't want your divine overlord to know that in reality, you're a frightened pile of doubts and questions and that some part of you, even subconciously, holds the nagging suspicion that its all bullshit? That nagging voice deep inside is your natural reason trying to break free from the collectivist peasant control you've been trapped in your entire life. Trying to break through the wall and taste what it is to be free from lies so it can flex its potential and start seeking for answers rather than being spoon-fed lies.

How many people need to get together once a week and hear about how real their kids are, and constantly repeat as if a mantra that they love their kids. No one... because you don't need to "believe" you love your kids... its an objective personal fact which requires no reassurance, bolstering or revisiting. It requires no sermons, prayer groups or inspiring stories. You don't need to tell yourself and your friends how much you love them, and you certainly don't have to "want" to believe you love them. It goes without saying (unless you have deep issues).

Watching people day after day trying to convince themselves and those around them that they buy into and "love" (translation: are afraid and/or filled with guilt) this Orwelleon bullshit is like watching a North Korean worship their Supreme Leader in front of TV cameras. The level of fear people have of the all-seeing eye of God and the fires of hell that await non-believers or questioners... of the death camps of their glorious leader... and the sheer length of time people have been repressed beneath these things has probably broken most people's minds until they really are convinced in all but their deeply buried subconcious that they actually "do" love their God/Supreme Leader. It's very sad and reflects poorly on the human race as a whole.