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I think the distinction is

I think the distinction is that a non-believer simply waits for facts to be revealed before planting the flag and claiming to believe in what is as of now, just a hypothesis(wether well supported or not). Some require more evidence than others before they are willing to put money on a concept, but remain skepticle until the facts support the hypothesis and it becomes a solid theory.

Faith-based minds, on the other hand, seem to require nothing save for well written story which includes a carrot, a stick, and a proper religeous upbringing.

I don't think any athiests hope that the facts, once known will lead away from a god/gods. Personally it would be pretty cool if we discovered that there was some race of creators with amazing powers.

If this "creator" was anything like the old testiment monster though, id run for the hills. If he's just like Jesus, I could almost certainly learn to like him.