Comment: Good on him

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Good on him

I got the same e-mail and he stands tall. I've also exchanged an e-mail about the FDA. As much as people dislike him for endorsing Romney, I still think he's one of our own. No conspiracy, he endorsed Romney. Which he promised to do.

As he put in an e-mail to me, contact him for any federal issues. He seems to be targeting anything federal. So feel free to e-mail him if it's a federal issue. He IS a US senator. Who presides over the US.

Yep, pretty bummed he endorsed Romney. But would Obama be a better choice if you have to choose? Sure they are pretty much the same. So what harm came? Obama got elected. If you had a gun to your head who would you decide? I would get my brains blown out but the younger Dr. Paul chose Romney which we have to don't have to live with. Paul's causing a ruckus though. Which is good.

To me after exchanging e-mails he is a decent and moral person, even answering to his non constituent.

Don't be afraid to send an e-mail.