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Then let it be known...

As this piece (the half-truth part) through voluntary labeling so purchasers have been an informed, something like UL, underwriters laboratory that has been for over 120 years for electrical devices. The problem here is the products would exist only as experimental novelties as they are not viable without gov't coercion and mainly via the forcible patent and forced regulatory largess\subsidies. These products are not viable in a free market. The gov’t is pushing this fascist model of production via its corporate cronies for monopoly control. Also eugenics freaks are involved here. Most food products produced locally are more economically viable due to transportation, demand of wholesomeness and simplicity of production in terms ingredients, lower overhead, etc.

Really, "Bull" you can't do better than this?

"Eventually it reaches a point of essential alienation, where it can no longer pretend to represent the governed. The American government is now the most powerful human organization that has ever existed. It has made a stupid habit of exercising power arbitrarily, uninhibited by moral or constitutional principle. It is not a conspiracy masterminded by some cunning genius at the center; it is a system of power which large numbers of greedy and ambitious people have learned to use. It has ceased to be a problem for Americans only; it has become a problem for a large part of the human race." Joseph Sobran