Comment: There is so much confusion

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There is so much confusion

There is so much confusion about what defines a 'public' school, so if we left it up to pocketed politicians to get rid of public education, it wouldn't look like what we think it would look like. John Stossel documented a really good story about schools in Belgium vs. the U.S. They have a voucher system across Belgium, so curriculums are more diverse, fitting the needs of each student according to many factors(religious orientation, psychological development etc.) When Mark Sanford tried to transition to a voucher system, he was railroaded by lobbyists and a color revolution of opposition and wasn't able to institute it in South Carolina due to spineless state reps. Most of the problems stem from the monopoly over curriculum. Favorite curriculums and schools are picked.

The private schools in China do not look like a private sector at all, due to a lot of stigma and many other factors... our private schools might look a lot like their schools if we left it up to federal politicians, rather than working within our states and communities.