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Throwing my hat into this arena

I find that most Christianity today is just moralistic therapeutic deism. From 'Praise Bands' to tongues and other BS, what people think is 'Christianity' is hardly that. America is a bastion of Reformed Theology, and unfortunately, Americans think that is the one and only form of Christianity out there. Because of this, we have the fruits of the radical reformation coming up, that is well atheism or paganism. What do I mean about this?

John Calvin and other enlightenment thinkers promoted the idea that by using depraved human reason, we can then have religions according to how we think. This finally spun out into Deism. Relying on 'sola reason' is so silly to me given the fact that all systems are subject to decay, and that includes one's mental capabilities. Everyone must assume they have perfect brains able to crunch out perfect logic and even then logic will dictate that the Universe has a primal cause. Finally, no one lives by scientific determinism alone. One must one day, put faith in someone's words or actions. 'Honey I will be home at 1:00', and you have faith in that at face value like also when your parents tell you to not step out in front of a car. You have faith that they are telling you the truth.

On the flip side of this we have rampant emotionalism being surged into the youth of the Church. Once they lost the 'feeling of the Spirit' what will they do. More than likely fall away allowing the thorns to tear up their faith.

Lutheranism of course has all the answers to this. We neither rely on extensive reason, allowing paradoxes in Scripture to remain allowing our Faith to believe, and distrust of emotionalism (which is why our Church services are 'boring' lol).

If Christians just preached the Gospel, that all the bad you have done in your life has been paid for by Christ Jesus (unlimited atonement), who died a real death and rose from the dead, not as a 'zombie', but as a real flesh and blood person, most of the falling away would not happen. What I said about the Gospel is historically verifiable given the records of the Gospel accounts. Jesus is not a 'spaghetti monster', either. One day, I will have a sermon on the flying spaghetti monster. It will be really fun, and the Church sign will have a very awesome title to it.

I mean you can call bad things what you want to, you can call them 'sins' or 'mistakes', but out of man's heart does only evil flow out of. My heart, everyone's hearts, you cannot do any good, and the good you do is only self serving (the basis of libertarianism). Only with God can your works be good and selfless. This is why Christian rulers have a one up on secular rulers. A truly Christian governor or official can make selfless decisions that might hurt him, but help everyone around him, loving their neighbor as their self in service.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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