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Genetically modified crops have been used for decades. I don't know if they are the same necessarily as Monsanto. Virtually everything in the grocery store has been modified. Maybe the complaints are specific to what Monsanto does and not the modification done by other biotech firms and agencies. Maybe it's a specific kind of genetic engineering people don't like. If it's one of those things please say so because no one's mentioned it in anything that I've read. Generally speaking, if it's not labelled organic and it's a plant plant based, it's been genetically engineered. Even stuff you buy for your garden is genetically altered.

There is a way to make food safe and prevent food poisoning from microbes. It's called irradiation. It's totally safe, but after environmentalists launched a massive scare campaign against irradiated food telling people, implying that it was radioactive, which it was not. They never got their ban, but they did get manage to make nearly all the firms afraid to use it.

My uncle is a biologist and ecologist and he's worked with some of the environmental groups a lot. Lets just say that they are not trustworthy. They use hysteria and scare tactics to get what they want (I'm not saying all environmentalists are this way, but for some reason, MSM's not giving voice to reasonable environmentalists). They even get PhD's to speak for them to make them seem more credible. Their core beliefs have more to do with anti-markets and socialism than the environment. I encourage people to get their information from groups not affiliated to the "radical environmentalists" (which is where the anti-GMO campaign came from). I would also be wary of the sources of your sources and what not.

I've heard the numbers thing many times. I posted a video from part of an episode of Penn and Tellers: Bullshit that talks about it. I think I saw Stossel talk about it on TV. Genetic manipulation is done by many, many agencies though from biotech firms, to universities, to private labs. If people have something against a certain kind of GMO, they should target that type in their rhetoric because GMO is a a very broad term.