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Nice quote

"I believe the only way is through education. The cloak of trickery is fading."

Many people are fooled into focusing their defensive POWER on useless expenditures and this is an age old trick done by criminals.

Criminals learn to borrow good ideas from their victims, such as the concept of teamwork.

Criminal A and Criminal B go to WallMart.

Criminal A pretends to steal something, but in no way does that team worker do anything that could result in punishment, it is an act, and it is diversionary.

While all attention and focus of anti-theft is diverted to Criminal A, the Criminal B team worker is busy stealing something.

Socialism and Capitalism have voluntary applications that human beings volunteer to apply in real time on Earth, if English means anything.

Socialism and Capitalism have counterfeit versions used by criminals so as to keep their victims diverted away from effective defense against being victims.

If people don't see that, yet, they will, or they will die victims.