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What's bizzaro is the short term memory around here

Ron Paul himself has gone on various shows belonging to disgusting partisan bought and paid for shills.

Did Ron Paul go on the show and unleash on them telling them how corrupt and evil they are? No. He went on, rose above any snide remarks or allusions to "crazy old man". It's one of the things I respect about him most is because I'm not sure I could do the same thing. But it was SMART!! He uses their show to get the message out. He comes off as reasonable and calm. He draws people in rather than criticise and repel them. He allows people the room to change.

I see Rand attempting to do this same thing.

Once you realize that ALL MEDIA is corrupt then it doesn't matter what nasty show you go on. It only matters if you have a chance to spread the message, get a chance to reach and change the minds of new audiences, and use their show as a vehicle of free advertisement for the liberty movement and their causes.

Satisfy your Rand Rage by criticizing his reaching out to new audiences but be intellectually honest and criticize Ron Paul for doing the same thing.