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With all the sweetness and respect...

This is a secondary, counter-recommendation for AtticusDeep:

My sister requested that I read "The case for Christ' and "The Case for a Creator" and I found them dreadful. They are full of logical fallacies, simplistic emotionalism, unconvincing facts, mostly written for children.

The worst part, though, is that Christians who are supposed to rely on 'faith' suddenly get excited or support somebody trying to use fact-based, sensual evidence to make cases for Christ or God. Which way are we trying to go?

Please don't take this as an attack, I know we all have different opinions and preferences.

If you must do Strobel, skip to the summary in the back of the book. He'll neatly outline all of his key points and arguments, and you can skip the tedium of "The professor I was interviewing was bespectacled, with a wise old look on his face. In his office were many scholarly books. He appeared to be a smart man..." etc.

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