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Comment: The Fibonacci sequence in Tool's Lateralus

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The Fibonacci sequence in Tool's Lateralus

This is awesome. It has been a long time since I stumbled upon the Fibonacci. Thanks for posting!

Worth watching. Great rock & roll mathmatics!

Fibonacci numbers are a sequence in which the next number is the sum of the previous two. So what does this have to do with Tool? In 2001, Tool released the album Lateralus which is heavily based on the Fibonacci sequence. The actual song "Lateralus" follows the sequence very closely.

The song begins with the lyrics (numbers denote syllable counts):

1 - "Black"
1 - "Then"
2 - "White are"
3 - "All I see"
5 - "In My Infancy"
8 - "Red and yellow then came to be"
5 - "Reaching out to me"
3 - "Let's me see"

As you can see, it follows the sequence and when it reaches 8, it proceeds to go backwards. The song does eventually break the sequence, but there is a reason behind it:

"Over Thinking, Over Analyzing,
separates my body from my mind,
withering my intuition,
missing opportunities and I must
feed my will to feel my moment
drawing way outside the lines."

Lateralus suggests that we continue to expand our minds; Not to live life in a constant fashion but rather, spiral out and try new things.

"Reaching out to embrace the random
Reaching out to embrace whatever may come"

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