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Yes, the free market.

Clearly you don't understand the free market. If there was no need for a decentralized, transportable, scarce, durable, infinitely divisible currency with more flexibility and ease-of-use than gold (especially in a digital world) why does it exist?

You might ask, what's the profit motive?

The profit motive is to NOT get ripped off by central monetary authorities who continue to devalue our dollar, decide how we spend it, freeze our accounts, etc.

It's getting more obvious that you are less interested in understanding Bitcoin by your increasingly adolesent responses ("schitcoin", "titcoin", etc.). If you're interested in discussing the pros and cons of Bitcoin, there are many here who are happy to do so. If you're interested continuing to plug your ears and stick our your tongue like an insolent child, there are many here who are happy to ignore you.

Good day.