Comment: My prefernece, Privatize all schools

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My prefernece, Privatize all schools

Alternatively, allow and encourage competition.
Competition will result in lower prices, better quality or both.
If schools had to compete with each other, sub-standard teachers would disappear overnight and good teachers would be better compensated.
If schools had to compete with each other, sub-standard curriculum would disappear overnight and learning would improve sharply.

We do not need to end government schools, we just need to remove the barriers to competition.
Think of it in the same way Dr. Paul argues that we don't need to end the Fed, we just need to allow competing currencies and that will end the fed.

"but poor people can not afford private school" -
Poor people can not afford booze either yet there is at least one bar in every poor neighborhood I have ever been to.
This is not a judgement, merely an observation.
Where there is demand, there is potential profit.
Where there is potential profit, the market will encourage someone to realize that profit.

The trick here is not to fight against public school. That is a fight you can not win.
Instead, fight for easier ways to create private schools. Fighting to make more schools available to more people is a fight you could potentially win.