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Agnostic, not atheist?

'An Athiest does not believe in gods, but makes no pretense at saying what is out there.'

If you do not believe in some form of gods beyond nature, then you only believe in a purely natural reality -- Nature is the 'whole show' that explains everything. This is a belief. You may have arguments from observations that you consider to support your belief, but it's still a belief.

If you make no pretense to say what is really out there, then it sounds like you are actually an agnostic, not an atheist.

Regarding theists, they too make observations of the world around them and see in them arguments for a belief in something beyond Nature as the whole show. Observation of human behavior, of the mere existence of human reasoning as something standing apart from a pure cause-and-effect explanation, of the patterns of human conscience throughout history, and of the staggering beauty and complexity in the creation are all factors taken into account by the theist. Your version of why people like me believe what they believe is an oversimplification. I am not afraid to question anything and everything, even the existence of God or the nature of hell.

I'd recommend reading CS Lewis' 'Miracles' if you have ears to hear a theist make arguments from observation and reasoning.