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Comment: Bitcoin just needs

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Bitcoin just needs

to become a hell of a lot easier for people to use and transport than it is now for common folk. I think that is its biggest draw back the fact that it is hard for older people or people with little knowledge of safely backing up computers and files to safely get in on the mix.

I still have a hard time explaining to my grandmother that Facebook is not a program and she's not running the Facebook program that she is actually using a browser to visit a webpage. She still doesn't understand that she can use the same browser for searches and looking at other webpages since I made a link to Facebook from her desktop she thinks the internet is Facebook.

How do I explain Bitcoin to her if she can't even understand a browser. Imagine trying to explain Bitorrent or FTP or some protocol to her explaining to her that they are also the internet but are just a different protocol. Not easy.

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