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The model upon which our system is modeled is the Prussian model. The expansionist dreams of the Prussian state were getting foiled by the intelligent and individualist nature of their countrymen. They would refuse to fight. The State corrected the problem by a thorough indoctrination, I mean education. In short the Fabians and the industrialist (Rockefeller) openly embraced and pushed this model in the US because what makes good servile soldiers also makes good factory workers. A hundred years of the Prussian model led to the acceptance of the Nazi agenda. One hundred years hear and with open arms educated Americans openly embrace the Homeland Security State.

I am publicly educated with some college, I learned not one meaningful thing in an institution. They do not teach us how to think in public school. We graduate and most would say "I think critically!" Well not likely, at least not systematically. Thats reserved for the boys n gals at Kent, Choat, Canton, Andover, and St Pauls etc.. All people could be educated as such for half of the cost per head of todays federal system. But then who would man the factories? Who would fill the rank and file (I served 14 years is USMC Infantry; never again will I be the elites rifle carrying pawn. Never again will I kill for some "fat cats" commercial interest.)

There are of course success stories and high income earners out of public schools. Those are in spite of not because of. Those who best do what they are told are find the challenge in menial tasks self select for "Factory management". Nope, not in favor. "To see the farm is to leave it."

Highly encourage listening to Schoolsucks podcast.