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You just made his point

The fact that you can't articulate arguments with facts so you just resort to dumb verbal attacks. I think you just have some massive cognitive dissonance with the following facts:

Gold whether you like it or not believe it or not is controlled and manipulated by the central banks

Silver not as much but is manipulated by the speculative bankers like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs so they control the market regardless of how many rounds or whatever else you own.

The problem with our economic situation is Fractional Reserve Banking not fiat currency. We can go back to a gold standard today and we would still have major issues if it was used like it has always been used which is with a one to ten or more reserve ratio.

The Global bankster would only care if we went back to a gold standard because they wouldn't be able to create as much money but believe me they would still control and run the world.

Bitcoin bypasses all of this completely because it can never be turned into a fractional reserve system. If a bank had 1 bitcoin it would be impossible for them to lend out 10 bitcoins they can lend out something else that is backed by Bitcoin like 10 Shillcoins or whatever you want to call them but they would not be Bitcoins.

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