Comment: Here's something else that you didn't get

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Here's something else that you didn't get

My "slam" was about their or your shortsighted approach.. Dr.Paul was and is a better man than me when it comes to people but he's also a touch too trusting. He wants to see the good in people, may god bless him for it but I am not that way.. I've seen what happens throughout my whole life when people try to schmooze and asskiss to get where they need to be.. Now, I'm not saying he's doing that in the least.. I am saying however that you people are. I know Dr.Paul can work with people and still retain his principles and never compromise but the Rand followers I've seen and the GJ people as well are not holding up his message.

You can hear that in the words they use and the attitudes they put forth when confronted on those principles Dr.Paul espoused. Excuse it.. downplay what I say.. even attack me if you want to, I can take it and keep telling you exactly what I see in you and others like you if in fact you are a Rand personality cultist.

The funny thing is.. I don't talk to the average person on the street like this not because I wouldn't but because I know they are ignorant for the most part of Dr.Paul's message so I take the time to teach them if they're interested.. People like you know better.

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