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And I heartily thank you for

And I heartily thank you for stepping up as an active duty police Captain. Good to have you onboard. Please PM me or email me (my email should have been in your membership letter, but if you can't find it, PM me or send an email to our contact email). Would be good to chat further.

One thing I would add to your list is purging the oath breakers from office. It can be done if we all focus on the oath breakers in or from our own state. We must break the two party con game of the "lesser of two evils" that keeps people voting for evil. It has already begun to happen. While the liberty movement is not yet big enough to sweep elections, we are big enough to tip elections and withdraw our support from oath breakers, resulting in their defeat. The Republican Party needs to learn the lesson that they cannot win without us, and that the only way they will win is to run constitutionalists. Until they do, they deserve to lose, and if they refuse to change, the GOP deserves to die.

But I don't know if that change will come in time to make much of a difference at the national level. where it can make a very real difference is at the state level, and we see that state legislatures are willing to pass nullification bills against NDAA - they are clearly far more liberty minded, and constitution minded, than the federal legislature. So, the states must be the focal point, but also we must pick one oath breaking congressman or Senator from each state and focus our efforts on rooting them out of power, in a scorched earth battle to get rid of them, like we did with Rehberg in Montana.

Anyway, nice to meet you and please do contact me. Always good to hear from an oath keeping officer.

Stewart Rhodes

You Swore an Oath to the Constitution ... Not the Politicians.

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