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Self Defense

No one (other than Monsanto perhaps) would support selling unlabeled foods with mashed up nuclear waste, Prozac, Soylent Green and kitty litter. People who are against all labeling and all standards just make their cause look foolish. In our current system of government, I think that States make the best laboratory on how to deal with poisons in food -- whether it is someone adding arsenic to foods or GMO ingredients. Some states may decide to ban certain poisons, some may decide to require labeling of certain poisons and some states may go for the free-for-all, any unlabeled chronic poison in food is the "liberty" approach. Right now some countries ban GMO ingredients, many countries require labeling of GMO ingredients so that people can decide for themselves. Personally, I prefer banning GMOs due to massive contamination of private property (and "banning" by making the polluter liable for damages is sufficient), but until that time I would reluctantly accept adjusting the current labeling requirement to include GMO ingredients as a way for people to protect themselves and their families (should they choose to do so).

A number of States are working on labeling (Washington, Oregon, Vermont, etc.) I think a good place to get recent news in this regarding is the News link on:

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