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"Genuine Curiosity", "Facts", and... Projected Opinion

It's obvious you have no genuine curiousity about the facts surrounding Tesla, but I'll keep them coming in case anyone else is interested .

What I did was state the obvious: That not everyone Tesla worked with would be good sources of information on the man - Many of them (whom I named) conspired to ruin him.
If you want to dispute the "obvious" then go ahead and try to dispute what J.P. Morgan and Edison did to him. I'll be happy to listen.

But until then, I am going to call out your perceived concept of what is "obvious" to you - that is what I believe (the part I quoted above "you have no genuine curiosity about the facts...")

Seeing as you most certainly have no knowledge about who I am, let alone my beliefs and principles, this is just opinion being blown out your fingertips. This disrespect is indicative of your overall personality and undermines your credibility when it comes to describing others - this includes Nikola Tesla.

The next time you feel compelled to tell others what they believe, who they are, and what they think, just remember this is your own, personal concepts being projected onto them. Although it is a matter of opinion you are entitled to, it is also our choice to buy into it or call it out for what it is.

You've shown your hand: For those of us who are genuinely interested in facts, your personal opinion about me (and consequently others) now means absolutely zilch.

As for a fact about me: I am a science student majoring in physics; it is in no small part due to the legacy of Nikola Tesla.
How about yourself?