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Call me stupid

Sure, and then get over it, please.

Three links follow:

The concept of Liberty Day Challenge July 4th 2013 includes the idea of avoiding World War III.

The first thing someone aught to do, in my opinion, after I am called stupid, after the knee jerks, and after the other behaviors that are modified into each being who suffers from behavioral modification, is to consider the July 4th 2013 Liberty Day Challenge as a good idea, just because, and just because it is a good idea.

What idea?

The idea is to begin now, and get ready for July 4th, 2013, when enough people are ready to start using competitive legal money instead of using the Fraud Legal Money.

That sounds like a lot of trouble, not worth anything, but really, seriously, the other options include World War III, and the U.S.A. Inc. (LLC) Dollar Hegemony, with The FED, and The IRS, and the Military Industrial Complex groups, including Wall Street, The Pentagon, Washington, The World Bank, the United Nations, The International Monetary Fund, and all those other Federal Reserve Note, or "dollar", denominated accounts, and all the people betting the farm on those dollars, will lose.

Yes, coming to a theater near you, is a planned taking down of "The Leader of the Free World", where said "Leader" is know to "Spread Democracy", and do such things as "Quantitative Easing", and other things like "Extraordinary Rendition", "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques", "Saving the Children", because "It takes a Village" to do so.

All that is being taken down, and there will be, in place, a new Boss.

Yes, call me stupid, then get past that knee jerk reaction to the information offered, and realize the plan at hand is not in your best interest.

Not unless you have a get out of World War III ticket handy.

Where is your ticket?

It might be a good idea to cooperate nicely with your fellow human beings, assuming there are any with a conscience left here on this planet, and work effectively at avoiding World War III under your own power, and not expecting your fearless leaders to do it for you.

They are working for someone else, but don't ask, because the lie, so they won't tell you which way is up or down right, never mind what exactly they are going to do with all that loot they stole from you.

They are buying World War III and when it is over, and if anyone is still alive, the costs, the bill, will be handed to you.

This bill:

So here is where you can return back to calling me stupid, since now I can be called a stupid fear mongering dooms day prophet - or some other version of Conspiracy Theorist or Terrorist, whatever works for you.

I think it is a good idea to pick a day in the future, such as July 4th 2013, and on that day We The People will no longer use the Fraud Money.

As it may happen sooner - anyway.

More current reports on the subject of World War III (not my cup of tea, but occasionally I peek into the abyss)


"Why is the United States so hell bent on starting World War III? As I reported earlier this week, Iran is selling oil for Gold to India, China and Russia. This is a dramatic departure from past practice in which all of the nations of the world must first purchase Petrodollars from the Federal Reserve before purchasing oil. This practice provides the only form of backing that our dollar enjoys and to remove this backing would result in the total collapse of the dollar and the Federal Reserve. Specifically, Iran and its three powerful oil customers are threatening to bring down the dollar and the American and European economies. Further, the Chinese and the Russians have threatened war if the United States attacks Iran in attempt to reverse the gold for oil deal."