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It dont destroy your brain or anything else..HEAVY Cannabis smokers have less chance of getting lung cancer then those who dont smoke!!! And listen up you cigarette best be smoking some weed along with them CANCER sticks your smoking..because its the CANNABINOIDS that are doing your lungs good! It is an AMAZING plant..the oils CURE DISEASE,,kick the shet out of cancer cells..go here and check this out..w Rick Simpson has THOUSANDS of people making his "OIL" its Hash Oil..but who really knew the healing powers of this plant!? More and more people are coming forward with the stories of CURES. I just watched a You Tube Vid today..82 year old man his name is George and what the oil has done for him in such a short time is a MIRICLE. The stuff CURES. Just You Tube Rick Simpson "Run From The Cure" if you want to see the old man..and there are other to watch while your there..You Tube. Medical Marijuana "Georges Hemp Oil Experience" SHARE THIS CURE WITH EVERYONE PEOPLE..this plant needs to be growing everywhere there is DIRT! WOLRD WIDE. This Plant will save this PLANET!

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE